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This club in NSW was struggling to come to grips with the technology requirements of the board and its members. They wanted to engage technology in a co-hesive manner without spending all their hard earned fund raising efforts. They were unsure if the computers they had were adequate and were grappling with a range of board members skill levels, software requirements and licencing issues. Some members had their own computers with a mixture of operating platforms.

Also members would come to the club to use the computers and other members preferred to work from home. So how to collaborate effectively and how to manage the data files and backing up? This is a reasonably common siituation. An IT environment that had grown over the years. A mixture of old and new desktop and laptop machines on multiple Windows operating systems. The software was 'missing' from the office, no one knew where licences had gone. Data and files were spread far and wide or just missing.

By listening to the board, investigating the current systems and talking to members, badenlT was able to design a comprehensive low cost solution and a sound IT strategy for the club. We streamlined email practices, catered for the various skill levels of the users. Organised free software licencing from Microsoft and other vendors. We used online data solutions and implemented safe and secure data collaboration. The software is licenced, the data is secured.

Members can even video conference and collaborate. We also introduced a club communication strategy using facebook, Put simply, we resolved every IT issue, engaged the club with it's IT savvy members and saved the club thousands of dollars at the same time.

Great outcome.

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