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Small Business
This small business is based in Sydney whilst we are on the Mid North Coast. But that does not matter thanks to the internet. This is a waterproofing business with 3 office staff and they are good at waterproofing, quoting and invoicing. Not necessarily great at IT though. Fortunately they rang badenlT and went with our model.

Here is their story.
They bought one computer 8 years ago, one 4 years ago and 1 last year. So a mixture of hardware and operating systems. They had a 2 printers and would save documents to USB and walk to the other computer to print. Data backup - not really. Network was a wireless internet router and they had purchased wireless NICs for all the computers, not an ideal set up. One computer would get onto the internet and then crash all the time. This was the computer used for doing the quotes. You can imagine how it went when builders were sending plans via email and quotes were not getting out. The users were completely frustrated, tempers were freyed. They rang a local IT guy for help and he showed up after a week, spent an hour on the computer, charged heaps and it worked for about 2 hours after he left and then was all the same again.

badenlT does it properly.
Three new computers of the exact same model and manufacturer, some network cables, a switch, an NAS box running PXE services a standard for the TCP/IP. Used the NAS box to deploy the badenlT standard image which includes a standard suite of software with free alternatives to common software that would of cost hundreds of dollars. This means we installed a clean and tested working version of the operating system that is designed and developed by badenlT, (not the version that comes default on the computer which is full of trials and other bloatware). We set up a single networked printer, they scan from the printer to the computers over the network. The users data is backed up to the NAS.

Just to cap off this success story. The computers are enrolled into the badenlT online management solution that allows safe and secure monitoring, windows update management, virus definition updating, centralised software deploymen and more. In effect the IT in this office is now being actively managed by badenlT and the IT processes have been refined and are working. Our visits to this office now are for user training and process refinement. A side note on this company that proves the approach is correct,... A user clicked the 'help' button on the computer desktop because they could not save to the NAS box. I was out of the office and heard my phone beep that a 'help request' had occurred. I rang the company and with the thourough understanding that comes from implementing the badenlT solution we did some tests and determined the NAS box was not communicating. Asked the user to check the cable and sure enough - that was the problem. Cable had been accidentally knocked out when someone was behind the desk.

Problem solved in 10 minutes flat with no extra charge - beat that.

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