Parenting and the Internet
The internet is constantly evolving and there is no silver bullet for a parent to make the internet safe. However there are things you can do that will help.

What are the risks on the internet that a parent needs to be aware of?
1. Malware
2. Age Inappropriate sites and search results
3. Information Security
4. Identity theft
5. Geotagging / Metadata
6. Grooming
7. Digital reputation
8. Sexting
9. Cyber Stalking / Bullying & Unwanted contact

The toolkit for minimising the risks consists of 6 items.

1. Don't use administrator accounts or give minors 'store' accounts.
Youtube is a good source for demo's on how to setup user accounts.

2. Use Safe searching

3. Consider Parental controls and account settings such as:
DNS filters
Router based settings
      - Netgear routers have 'live parental controls'
      - Billion routers have Time based blocking of websites
Internet Service provider settings
IOS, Android, Wii, playstation, X-box .....
Social Media settings

4. Education

5. Supervision and Discussion
a. Do you need webcams and computers behind closed doors?
b. OpenDNS account:
       i. can show which websites are being accessed
      ii. can allow a request for a website that promotes discussion.
c. Microsoft family safety provides a weekly list of sites accessed from windows 8 device.

6. Anti-Malware software
It is important that your computer has up to date anti-malware software.

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